This post is part of the VET Gazette 3
Rita Festi
Project Development Manager
Scuola Centrale Formazione
Maria Lorenzini
Communication Manager
Scuola Centrale Formazione



The Goal 3 of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is to “ensure healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages”, and this is a real challenge for our present and future that involves everyone (societies and citizens) but in particular the organisations operating in the field of Educational and Training in favor of the young generations. The commitment of Scuola Centrale Formazione in this area has always been strong, both in terms of research and studies to promote the development of the well-being of learners, and through concrete projects that have seen the direct participation of young people and adults within its associative network, involving other organization at national and international level.

In recent decades in Europe, we have seen how young people have been more vulnerable than other age groups, especially due to the economic crisis. From 2020 the Covid pandemic and the closure of face-to-face educational services with the introduction of different level of ‘restrictions’ on social activities, had generate an important effect on youth’s social development: many have experienced emotional difficulties during the lockdown, loneliness, stress and compulsive use of smartphones. This has resulted in sense of insecurity, lower emotional well-being, negative feelings, and a physical discomfort due to inactivity. The challenge we face today in order to continue to promote well-being is certainly more difficult, due to the new complexities of the historical moment, but also sustained by a strong motivation to regain what has been lost, and by the need to re-start again and together. One of the levers that allowed SCF to work on the well-being asset was investing in Erasmus Sport projects

Physical activity at the center of SCF’s educational action, for sustainable development and promoting well-being at all ages

Among the many projects carried out in the Sport sector, which have allowed the activation of numerous youth at national level, we mention 3SP project, with which SCF has promoted concrete proposals for physical and sporting activities for VET learners (over 763 Italians youth aged between 13 and 20 years; 970 in all partner countries) to support healthier and responsible lifestyles.  After the pandemic, the Walking Day of the Walk 4 All project, involved many people in Europe a real and virtual marathon (using the dedicated APP), rediscovering the benefits of walking together reaching 8000km, ideally connecting the 5 countries (Italy, Greece, Spain, Germany and Denmark). The walks involved 1185 young people and 135 trainers. 

Another post-pandemic activity, connected to the EECEME Erasmus project, sees as its focus the reactivation of movement and the re-conquest of outdoor spaces, starting from early childhood. Promoting physical activity at all ages especially from the early first years of life, generates healthy education and balanced development of the personality. Step by step, project after project we are trying to lay the foundations for a future of greater integral well-being for all.