This post is part of the VET Gazette 4
Giulia Meschino



The VET4EU2 platform has great potential to increase the importance of Vocational Education and Training in Europe. Through the VENHANS project, for the first time, we were able to show our members and partner that we, as EU Associations of VET Providers, are capable of putting our individual strategies and core objectives aside to serve a unique mission, also through the provision of concrete activities and results for the benefit of our target groups.
Giorgio Sbrissa, President EVTA


“For EfVET the VENHANS project resulted in expanding our membership and stimulating VET networking thanks to the organisation of many events and webinars, among them the Peer Learning Reviews. Additionally, we had the opportunity to propagate the concept of excellence in VET and further cooperate with VET providers”. “We can learn from each other! We do have to bridge the national level”, Arja FLINKMANN


“A new step of VET4U2 with VENHANS project. All the work is done!”, Matti ISOKALLIO, Director of Educational Federation at Sataedu


“We may have different backgrounds and history; but at the end of the day, with VENHANS project we share the same vision for VET.” Theodor GRASSOS, EVBB General Secretary


“It is really important to have such a project and platform to share our experiences.”, Marta RODRIGUES, EURASHE Policy and Project Officer


“VENHANS helped us to increase our expertise in VET and it has been a great opportunity to get to know organizations and people within the other european networks. Only its unfortunate that we were not able to meet in person as much as we would like to. We hope to build something new and innovative within the services we are providing based on the results coming from VENHANS.”, Endurance, Rob VERSTEEG, Diana KOZAKOVA


“The VENHANS project has enabled AFPA to share its expertise and projects through events, articles in the Gazette and meetings. On subjects such as the energy transition and the digital transition, the stakes are such that sharing at a European level seems to us to be a factor of performance and excellence. In particular, we have shared our experience with the “Ecological Engineering Worker” incubator, an emerging profession for which we have developed a reference framework with partner companies on behalf of the Ministry of Labor and Full Employment.”, Christophe Sadok, Director of engineering and national public service missions, AFPA


“VENHANS gave us the opportunity to synergically add to the debate around Vocational Education and Training: thanks to this project, we treasured our history and experience from the past to project it into the future.”, Monica Verzola, Development Business Director – International Area, ENAIP NET