Hybrid learning, license to skill DIGITALLY
From face-to-face learning to hybrid learning: evolution, considerations and challenges for vocational education and training

15:00 | 16:30 CET

Teaching & learning


The rapid evolution towards hybrid learning may be a current logical step, but it does impose conditions with regard to mindset, development of tools and skills. With the rise of education technology, schools and VET-providers have adopted teaching methods that diverge from the typical classroom environment. Simulation in training and distance learning are being used at a global scale, and many educational institutions are starting to implement on a larger scale hybrid learning models.

However, hybrid learning is more than just tossing half of your syllabus into a virtual classroom. Instead, it’s a comprehensive approach to combining the best parts of face-to-face and online learning to create the ideal learning experience.

This webinar shows how this trend towards more hybrid learning evolved and accelerated enormously in the past year in the development of new tools in technical training (welding, process operator) and the training of healthcare personnel.

There are also testimonials about the mindset approach and the coaching of trainers and teachers.


  • Introduction of the webinar by the moderator Marc Cloostermans, EVTA
  • Up-skilling and re-skilling professionals: Blended and hybrid Professional Education?, Roberto Prieto, Chief Education Officer at EIT Digital
  • The evolution to hybrid learning, considerations and challenges,  Carlo De Smet, VDAB, Belgium
  • Simulation training: the stimulators of today, Lily Abdiche, MIMBUS, France
  • Good practices in higher education: practices in health care training, Lieve Haumont, University Colleges Leuven-Limburg, Belgium
  • Panel discussion and conclusions by the animator, Bart Boelen


  • Hybrid learning: a necessary evolution, moving very quickly 
  • From face-to-face learning to hybrid learning
  • Implementation in VDAB technical training
  • Simulation training: the stimulators of today
  • Applications in higher education: department health care (UCLL)

Intended audience

Managers, Training experts, Quality coaches in VET

Language: English
Date: 07/07/2021
Time: 15:00 | 16:30 CET
Hosted by: EVTA
Promoted by: VET4EU2
Language: English
Date: 07/07/2021
Time: 15:00 | 16:30 CET
Hosted by: EVTA
Promoted by: VET4EU2


Marc Clostermann
Marc Cloostermans
Board Member at EVTA, Brussels, Belgium
Carlo DeSmedt
Carlo DeSmedt
Expert Instructional design & Teaching at VDAB, Brussels, Belgium
Lily Abdiche
Head Of International Sales at MIMBUS, Saint-Jean, France
Lieve Haumont
Head of the Nursing Department @ UCLL Gezondheid - LiZa Campus, Genk, Flemish Region, Belgium
Bart Boelen
Bart Boelen
Expert Hybrid learning & instructional design, Genk, Flemish Region, Belgium
Roberto Prieto
Roberto Prieto
Chief Education Officer at EIT Digital

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