International Self-Assessment Tool for Centers of Vocational Excellence: Supporting the development of Excellence in VET

Online Event
12:00 | 13:30 CET

Promoting excellence & quality in VET provision


This event will offer an overview of the principles that will shape the design of this international self-assessment tool.  It will provide an outline of the provisional criteria and an example of the kinds of evidence that will inform the self-assessment judgements. In addition, we will explore how the tool might best be used.

Participants will be invited to review the criteria for vocational excellence and the various functionalities that will be offered by the tool.

Participants will have the opportunity to shape the design of this tool, for example, to explore how different kinds of centre can be given the opportunity to gather together all the evidence that they need – both from their own practice and that of others – to make a useful judgement about their own level of development.

The session will also consider what kind of formal recognition might be given to skills providers that engage in the self-assessment process.

The event is organised by EfVET and the European Training Foundation (ETF).

The session will be led by the ETF project lead, Julian Stanley.


12:00 Welcome to participants and presentation of the webinar (Susana Nogueira, EfVET Policy & Project Officer)

12:10 Presentation of ISATCOV – International Self-Assessment Tool for CoVEs (Julian Stanley, European Training Foundation)

12:30 Consultation on criteria and evidence indicators

12:55 Consultation about how the tool should best be used

13:05 Conclusions

13:15 Question & Answers 13:30 Closure of the session

Themes under discussion

  • What kind of International Self-Assessment Tool for CoVEs is being developed by the European Union?
  • How will this tool support the development of vocational excellence and collaboration?
  • How can this tool be designed to best meet the needs of CoVEs globally?
  • How can my centre contribute to this work or participate in a pilot?


This session will be of particular interest to practitioners working in vocational centres that are already identified as Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) or which aspire to become CoVEs.  In particular, it will be of interest to centres that wish to form partnerships or clusters with other centres to respond to Erasmus plus calls for CoVEs. It will be of interest to vocational teachers and trainersand school, centre or college leaders with an interest in organisational self-assessment, quality assurance and institutional evaluation.  It offers an opportunity to help shape the design of an important EU tool and to contribute to the ongoing task of defining CoVEs and ensuring that they help to improve vocational excellence for all.

Background documents

International Self-Assessment Tool for CoVEs: Supporting the development of Excellence in VET (PDF Presentation)

International Self-Assessment Tool for CoVEs, by Julian Stanley (PDF Presentation)

Language: English
Date: 13/07/2022
Time: 12:00 | 13:30 CET
Hosted by: EfVET
Promoted by: VET4EU2
Language: English
Date: 13/07/2022
Time: 12:00 | 13:30 CET
Hosted by: EfVET
Promoted by: VET4EU2


Julian Stanley (photo)
Julian Stanley
Senior Human Capital Development Expert - Innovative Teaching and Learning at ETF

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