Joint CoVEs Initiative

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11:00 | 13:00 CET

One of the most important initiatives for the VET sector in the next years will be the Erasmus+ Call from the EU for Proposals of Centres of Vocational Excellence to support the development of CoVEs and to strengthen partnerships between CoVEs across EU and beyond.

Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) bring together a wide range of local partners, such as providers of vocational education and training, employers, research centres, development agencies, and employment services (among others), to develop “skills ecosystems” that contribute to regional, economic and social development, innovation, and smart specialisation strategies.

The Joint CoVEs Initiative of the VET4EU2 Platform and the European Training Foundation with its Network for Excellence aims to create successful partnerships and connections between the members of both networks and to enable initiatives for vocational excellence. Both platforms aim to provide high quality vocational skills and want to join forces to act as knowledge and innovation hubs for all stakeholders of both, European and International levels working with all kinds of centres through an international collaborative platform.

This event brings together the members of the networks to explain the idea of CoVEs, discuss its needs and targets creating synergies among them to benefit from each other.


Download the PDF version of the agenda here.


  • Vocational Excellence
  • Centres of Vocational Excellence
  • New Erasmus+ CoVEs application

Intended Audience

VET Providers, Organisations involved in VET

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Language: English
Date: 18/06/2021
Time: 11:00 | 13:00 CET
Hosted by: EVBB and ETF
Promoted by: VET4EU2
Language: English
Date: 18/06/2021
Time: 11:00 | 13:00 CET
Hosted by: EVBB and ETF
Promoted by: VET4EU2


João Santos
Joao Santos
Senior Expert – European Commission
Jose Manuel Galvin Arribas
Jose Manuel Galvin Arribas
Senior Human Capital Development Expert-Coordinator Vocational Excellence – ETF
Theodor Grassos
Secretary General – EVBB
Giulia Meschino
Giulia Meschino
Executive and Development Manager – EVTA
Najib Hamouti
Head Career Center – ESITH Casablanca
Eva Vaiouli
Project Manager – AKMI International
Paolo Montemurro - picture copy
Paolo Montemurro
Director / Project Manager – Materahub
Marc Clostermann
Marc Cloostermans
Director of Innovation – VDAB
Margarida Segard
Director – ISQ ACADEMY

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